Simple steps to success


Start by selecting from one of the many designated auctions or market places, such as or (see our Links page for more). We can participate in the bidding on your behalf, grant you individual access to the auction (click here for more information on how auctions and permissions work), or communicate and negotiate with the dealer - or even a private seller

Delivery to Our Facility

After the purchase, we organize professional delivery to our secure facility. We have established relationships with multiple transporters (including enclosed) to ensure the lowest possible delivery rates on the market from everywhere in the United States. On short distances, we use our own car carrier to bring cars to our facility. (More information on delivery rates is available on our Resources page or by request)


Upon receiving the item we thoroughly inspect it, generating photo and video reports that we can conveniently post on our YouTube channel or send directly to the buyer.Once the item is ready for shipment, we expertly load it into the container, providing you with all necessary documentation support on the US side. See photos of the loading process in our Gallery.All that’s left is to complete customs formalities at the destination and receive a car! Also, don’t forget to share your feedback on our FB page. We look forward to serving you again!

What about pricing?

There are no hidden expenses and fees when dealing with us. This is how the costs are calculated:

Auction / Dealer price

Auction / Dealer fees

Delivery to USGM

Loading fee (USGM Commission)

Ocean freight

We pride ourselves in having full transparency in all aspects of our operations, and strive to minimize expenses for our clients. Contact us today to make it happen

How it works